Bottle Washing and Rinsing Machines


Bottle Washing and Rinsing Machines
Bottle Washing and Rinsing Machines ;
It is designed for bottles or jars in desired sizes and is used for sterilization of bottles or jars with air and water before the filling line.
Especially in food and cosmetics production, it automatically washes the bottles on the conveyor with pressurized water to ensure hygiene and places them on the conveyor of the filling line.
It can be designed according to the desired capacity. It is used for washing glass plastic bottles and jars. Required for sterile filling conditions
Generally, rinsing bottles, jars, etc., while inverting over a rinse basin, the rinse head sprays water into the container to remove dust and dirt, thereby bottle jar container etc. Wet riser’s work with a wide variety of bottle jar and container shapes, sizes and materials, including both glass and plastic.